Obamacare Is Now so Bad That Nearly Half of All Americans Aren’t Even Going to Their Doctor — Even When They’re Sick

One of the most unforgivable failures of the Republican congressional majority is their inability and/or outright refusal to completely repeal Obamacare....

In fact, as reported by The Blaze, Obamacare has become such a monumental failure that nearly half of Americans have stopped going to their doctors even when they’re sick because they can’t afford to...

...A recently-released survey from the West Health Institute and NORC at the University of Chicago found that 47 percent of respondents said over the past 12 months they elected not to see a doctor or dentist because they could not afford it. Meanwhile, about 40 percent — four-in-10 — chose not to get a recommended medical treatment or test.

A recommended test or procedure.

Worse, 44 percent said they avoided seeing a doctor even when they were sick, while 29 percent responded that the chose not to see a doctor when sick “more than once.” And 40 percent said they are “extremely/very afraid” of getting “seriously ill” because of astronomical health care costs.

The survey included only respondents who said they are insured; some two-thirds said they had private health insurance, while 27 percent said they were covered by Medicare. Just seven percent said they were enrolled in Medicaid.