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  1. #1 Gov. Kim Reynolds signs Iowa sanctuary city ban into law 
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    ó Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has signed into law an immigration enforcement bill that bans so-called sanctuary cities.

    The Republican governor signed the bill privately Tuesday. The news was tucked into a press release about 16 other bill signings.

    The legislation will require law enforcement to follow requests from federal agents to hold a jailed person suspected of being in the country illegally. Local governments risk losing state funding if they donít comply with the law.

    Attorneys say the provision could open the state to litigation. Community organizers argue the bill will lead to racial profiling
    Any good places to retire in Iowa ?
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    Good for the governor! Depends on the lifestyle one wants in my home state. Des Moines metro area is 600-700k population, not ridiculously expensive. Lots more things to do than when I grew up there.

    Iowa City is a liberal cesspool. But many other smaller towns & cities, usually anchored by a particular business and a very good college of about 2000-3000 students.
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    It's going to be a long haul to get it into full effect. Leftist lawyers most likely have already filed suits to invalidate and asked for a suspension until findings are made.
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