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  1. #1 Profs critique 'white fragility,' deny reverse racism exists 
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    Roger Williams University hosted two “antiracist scholars” last week for a discussion of “white fragility” and "why white people perceive even minimal amounts of racial stress as unbearable."

    The April 4 event, billed as the capstone to RWU’s “Talking About Race, Gender, and Power” lecture series, featured American University professor Ibram Kendi and Dr. Robin DiAngelo, who teaches courses on “Multicultural Teaching,” “Cultural Diversity & Social Justice,” and “Anti-Racist Education” at the University of Washington-Seattle.

    DiAngleo, author of the book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism, spoke to the belief that racism is expressed through power structures rather than actions.

    “The dominant culture presents it as...a binary question: Only some people participate in racism and those are bad people,” she stated. “But if you understand racism as a structure, you ask different questions.”

    She then cited various instances of “state-sanctioned institutional racism” in America, such as miscegenation laws, “lynching and mob violence,” “employment discrimination,” and “mass incarceration.”
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    Because it is never a talk, its a lecture by self-righteous assholes.
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