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  1. #1 Expect More Presidents Who Dont Win Popular Vote 
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    Once again the cry babies are whining, crying, and crapping their diapers over how the Electoral College works.

    RandySF (17,237 posts)

    Expect More Presidents Who Dont Win Popular Vote
    Dan Balz: “The authors ran a series of simulations for elections between 2020 and 2036, using different assumptions about the shape of the electorate, while also trying to estimate how tweaks or shifts in levels of support for Republican or Democratic candidates would affect the popular vote in the states and, therefore, the electoral college and the national totals.”

    “One conclusion is that the country should be braced for repeats of what has happened twice in the past five presidential campaigns — a popular-vote outcome different from the electoral college result. ‘This report finds quite a few future scenarios could mimic the result of the 2016 election — a Democratic in the popular vote with a Republican win in the electoral college,’ the authors write.”

    msongs (46,411 posts)
    1. if we could get a million dems out of cities and into ND, SD, WY etc we could win em all nt
    So, at least one of these worthless Donkeys has considered the gravity of the situation.

    BigmanPigman (13,637 posts)
    2. We need to change the electoral college.
    Or maybe you cry babies learn to play by the rules? Just something to consider.

    oberliner (49,673 posts)
    4. Democrats will always win the popular vote - but that vote is concentrated in big cities

    So it won't help us that much in terms of the EC.
    Except when the (R)s won the popular vote and EC as well. Such as in the following elections:

    2004,1988,1984,1980,1972,1968,1956,1952,1928,1924, 1920,1908,1904,1900,1896,1880,1872,1864,1860,1848 (whig party),1840 (wp)... ill stop there because then you get into the D-R party vs Federalist. So, lurking morons, if you forget about all those above elections, then why yes, the (D)s win the popular vote.
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