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  1. #1 Is Algore in the Midwest this weekend? 
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    While we have personally haven't had any snow (yet) here in the Midwest, here's a rundown of baseball action or lack thereof today.

    White Sox at Minnesota Twins, entire 3 game series not being played, snow

    Braves at Chicago Cubs, barely got the first 2 games in, miserable conditions. Today's game lasted about 4 hours in bitter cold. Did feature the Cubs' comeback from a 10-2 deficit to win 14-10.

    Angels at Kansas City, visibly snowing for half the game tonight

    Yankees at Detroit, postponed due to snow Saturday
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    There's an inch of snow on the ground here in northern Ohio, waking up. It's 29.

    I think Gore's carbon-market wanted to open with .0029-cents per-breath, for Americans to go on living. That way, if an 'ice age' happens, the price of carbon is already established and operating.
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    I woke up to about 1/2 inch of snow this morning, and it's about 30 degrees in Detroit.

    We have had a long winter, but it wasn't really that cold of one. We had very little below zero weather.
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    I was in Fresno (Central Valley city) over the weekend, including doing a 10K Saturday AM. It was about 65 when I finished the 10K at 9:45, and got up around 80 in the afternoon. OTOH yesterday's Boston Marathon was rainy and cold (not that I ran it or was there).
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