shockey80 (782 posts)

Trump has made big time enemies.

He has made enemies at the FBI, Justice Dept, the special council, congress, etc. These are patriots who are going to destroy Trump. Trump is not going to win. It's impossible.

Trump is one of the most hated sons of bitches in our countries history. His days are numbered.
Liberals celebrating the politicization of the DOJ and FBI. They think that since they are on their side that it's OK........just like Obama and Hillary.

Nitram (8,987 posts)

9. Trump was insulting both the FBI and the CIA even before he was elected.

Vey stupid move. Very dangerous move.
I don't think that is true.

Texin (516 posts)

10. Shockey80, everything you said is true. But tRump is the luckiest son of a bitch who ever lived.

No one of this disgusting, loathsome, traitorous, obscene, lying, cheating nature has EVER been able to sustainably maintain such a high flying profile for as long as this vile creature.
And they hate it that their lies and sham investigation hasn't been more successful.
Corgigal (5,036 posts)

25. He's not lucky

He just found out what number with those dollar signs made his problems go away. He thought everyone could be bought. Can't imagine that anyone couldn't be.

He isn't aware that some people do things for ethics and values. Gonna find out the hard way.
RandomAccess (3,319 posts)

13. While this is true, and I'm sure those participating in

bringing him down are relishing their tasks, this particular concept is NOT a good thing to promote.

I believe our law enforcement people and justice system are NOT doing this out of political spite. And that's the truth we should be promoting.
It's been a year and a half and they are still on the witch hunt, going further and further afield from what they claimed the investigation was about in order to find something...anything to bring him down. Yes it is political spite.