DonViejo (41,807 posts) Kellyanne Conway: I Was Just Joking When I Said James Comey 'Swung an Election'

In an interview with Good Morning America Monday, senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway turned heads when she said former FBI Director James Comey “swung an election” with the actions he took in 2016. The remarks appeared to undercut a main talking point pushed by Conway’s boss, President Donald Trump, that Hillary Clinton lost on her own incompetence as a candidate. And moments after the interview aired, Conway told The Daily Beast that she was being tongue-in-cheek. “I rolled my eyes and said ‘Really, this guy swung an election?’ It was sarcastic,” she said. Elsewhere in the interview, Conway accused Comey of being motivated by politics and love of power. She said he “struggled to answer basic questions and he looked a little shaky” in the 20/20 interview pegged to his new book, A Higher Loyalty. When George Stephanopoulos told Conway that Comey took Trump’s comment calling Michael Flynn “a good guy” to be “directions” to drop the investigation, she replied that Comey did nothing about it. “What did he do with it? Did he run out and tell the attorney general, ‘Please come in here, I feel uncomfortable?’” Conway said. “This man loved being in the proximity of power... until he got fired and wrote a book.” When asked if she knew what President Trump thought of the interview, she said: “The president is very confounded that this person is always able to divert the spotlight to him... He was a very deft way of making things about him.”
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FULL INTERVIEW: "I spoke to the President before the interview..." Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway one-on-one with @GStephanopoulos:
6:19 AM - Apr 16, 2018

— Sam Stein and Julia Arciga


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Liberals have no sense of humor and sarcasm can bite them in the butt and they still don't get it and take it literally. Sometimes I think they do it deliberately to create lies, and sometimes I think they are just brain damaged and everything is black and white with no nuances. It fits with their penchant for 'good motivation' being all that matters - not the vast negative consequences of much of what they do, as well as their insistence on everything being black/white, good/evil, right/wrong, with no willingness or ability to see anything but 'their' side of a debate nor to conceptualize what others believe.
MontanaMama (3,775 posts)

1. Too late.

The words are out of the hag’s mouth.
spanone (103,632 posts)

2. if she's out there, trump is in trouble...
MontanaMama (3,775 posts)

6. You might be onto something.

They only trot out the swamp hag when there isn’t anybody else up to the task.
Evidently using sexist language on DU is still OK if the woman happens to be a Republican.

ProudMNDemocrat (1,316 posts)

8. What a dipshit this woman is......

Which is why she is referred to as PROPAGANDA BARBIE.

BumRushDaShow (30,995 posts)

10. That was fast!

She figured out that her gish gallop bullshit was actually self-harming!

Too late. Can't put that genie back in the bottle.
No, it's just further proof that liberals are hatefilled, sexist idiots who are too stupid to understand sarcasm. It fits with their reading comprehension problems as well.