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    I don't like listening to Comey. He seems the definition of elitist, who claims to know better than we. How high and mighty of him to release the Hillary email news destroying her chances of winning (he said he released the story so she would appear legitimate once elected). He said he was 'living in a world where Hillary was going to be president.' That he couldn't imagine her not winning.

    Wow. That sure sounds like democracy!

    So, he screws her over and then he happily under-cuts Trump first chance he gets.

    We the people elected Trump and in case you missed it, a big reason as to why he won is because we are tired of elite talking heads telling us what to think, SAY, and do.

    If Trump says something that you think is crazy, then please realize it is the fact he says what he wants that WE LIKE as opposed to the actual thing (although I pretty much like all he says anyway). So please stop acting like we all must use the words you give us and never have our own thoughts.

    Thank you. ha.
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    It was not his job or his call to interfere with the investigation into clintons emails because the polls indicated that she would probably win and he didn't want her presidency to look tainted.

    That reasoning alone is a valid cause for his termination and his loss of credibility.

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    That he thought she would win should have been irrelevant to any non-partisan, legal decision Comey was going to make. If his decisions were the right ones and based on facts and the law they would be right regardless of who won. When a choice is made based on the potential winner then the choice is probably the wrong choice and a bias choice.
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    There is something weird to me about his facial expressions and mannerisms.
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