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    Just when you thought this party couldn't go far enough to the left.
    Progressivism is a bottomless pit of absurdity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    Just when you thought this party couldn't go far enough to the left.
    What they are doing is illegal, it is simply buying votes, no more, no less.

    What need is a law that govt can on pass laws and create actions that apply to the majority of the population. Instead the Govt has done nothing but create divisions by wanting to give reparations to blacks and the myriad of special laws, rights and privileges for every minority group they can dream up all which puts money in their pocket directly or indirectly.

    This SECRET Money Transfer system aka SBA, Small Business Administration. I was on the list of consultants for the SBA SW Region. I was appalled at the corruption, the SBA should be shut down. Its mostly run by minorities and what they do is obtain SBA business loans for family and friends. I got to know one of the loan officer very well and he would take me around to properties he owned thru a shell corp that was made up of F&F, we are talking about land in the downtown area of DALLAS TX. This was common with all the folks who worked in the REgional office in Dallas, from the top guy down. They either retire or step down after a few year to run their side business created with taxpayers money.


    This is nothing but a free money giveaway to appease blacks. Just a check from $10-$50k
    One of MANY free money for phony and failed business started by minorities
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    Kanye West's semi-seismic shift to the Right kinda knocks the Dems dream-platform into a cocked hat.

    Way fewer people would buy-into any Democrat offering a free-money giveback than in 2008, because a good percentage are now buying-into the golden JOBS goose. Why tinker with a sure thing? Especially if it involves thinking for themselves, IE: controlling your own destiny.

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    Go for it, Dems. If America actually votes for that crap, they deserve you. Go full retard.

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    As far as college is concerned, I don't think it should be free unless the student qualifies for financial aid and/or an academic scholarship. I do think that both parties should come up with plans to lower the cost of tuition at public colleges and universities.

    My first suggestion: propose that the NCAA impose salary caps on coaches. Coaches have no academic roles, they aren't even physical education teachers. If the NCAA wants to be the farm league for the NFL and NBA, let those leagues pay the coaches' salaries, then.

    Increase funding for work/study programs-take it out of the money saved by the salary caps on coaches. This makes college accessible to middle class students who don't qualify for other financial aid, but whose parents can't afford to pay $12,000-15,000 a year in tuition per kid. Any family making less than $100,000 a year can't realistically afford tuition, unless they only have one kid who is going to college. And even then, it's not an easy thing.

    Find ways to reduce overhead costs. Make professors pay as much for their parking permits as the students pay. When I was at WMU, professors didn't have to pay anything for their permits.

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