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  1. #1 Southern California tortoise with cracked shell gets $4,000 repair 
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    A wayward tortoise that cracked its shell after falling off a 10-foot wall in San Diego is recovering after veterinarians used screws, zip ties and denture material to make repairs.

    San Diego County Animal Services Director Dan DeSousa says the 90-pound male African spurred tortoise probably was a pet that got loose from a yard.

    He says it was found Sunday after falling over the wall while escaping a dog.

    DeSousa says the animal's shell cracked into three pieces. Veterinarians repaired it Tuesday in a three-hour operation
    Not taking care of a pet or animal abuse should be a capital crime in all 50 states !
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    Not taking care of a pet or animal abuse should be a capital crime in all 50 states !
    I agree with you, would love to "meet" the person who most likely abused our little rescue rat terrier, Cricket. She's so bright and such a sweet little dog, but after about 18 months with us, she's still so flighty and flinches when petted. The vet said she might improve (she has) but will probably always revert to her almost feral behavior. She clings to our Bella (greyhound) for protection and comfort.

    Miss the sea turtles when we volunteered with Mote Marine in Sarasota. They would get turtles with cracked shells or minus a leg that were placed in their hospital area.

    " To the world you are just one more person, but to a rescued pet, you are the world."

    A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!"

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