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  1. #1 Boy Hit, Killed by Vehicle During Anti-Gun National School Walkout 
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    11-Year-Old 6th Grade Boy Hit, Killed by Vehicle During Anti-Gun National School Walkout in El Paso

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    Now David Hogg has more blood on his hands than the NRA.(using Leftist logic)

    This is ONE reason to keep the voting age where it's at. Kids and Leftists don't think through, their actions or the possible outcomes
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    Another reason it's so easy to target the young, impressionable kids already brainwashed with the lib beliefs of many of their teachers. I'm not sure how that will be countered, other than the hope that they will get some sense as they get older.

    They're another group the Dems are trying to exploit for votes.

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    The school is at fault all the way. As well as the school-district. This is how it'll play-out in the El Paso media.

    Sorry for his parents & family... but there's no excuse to allow 11-year-olds to engage in walkout-protests. Wtf?
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    I searched for an article that was from a local source and found this article. Gateway Pundit occasionally gets a bit sloppy, but in this case they were not. The main value in the article I linked is in the picture at the top of the roadway the students crossed and the way the school district superintendent is weasel-spinning what happened.

    The roadway they crossed looks like a 6-lane (3 each way) expressway, with 5'-10' rolling hills. Never having been in El Paso, the speed limit on expressways here in Silicon Valley is typically 50 mph. Given the hills and that speed limit, if the students were crossing Loop 375 against the light, the driver who hit Benko may not have seen them in time to avoid hitting Benko, who was crossing last.

    The school district superintendent's weasel-spin version is that the group Benko was with were entirely independent of the school-organized/permitted walk-out group. Since being allowed to leave the school independent of and separately from the walk-out group is implausible, this sounds to me like lawsuit-avoidance spin. More plausible is Gateway Pundit's description, that Benko's group walked out with the main walk-out group and then split off to do whatever they wanted to do. Ignoring the school's helping organize a political activity (is that a violation of TX law?), what Benko's group did and possible disastrous consequences were predictable. If the school was going to permit students to walk out in this way they should have had ample chaperones to guard against a group of students doing what Benko's group did. If the school didn't do that then I (not a lawyer or in a law-related profession) think Benko's family could have a case for wrongful death based on the school's negligence.
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