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    ...the West Virginia GOP-debate, hosted by FOX News.

    Yeah, the guy who went to prison on a misdemeanor during the Obama Regime.

    The other two candidates were bewildering 'swamp creatures'. I wasn't expecting that. The more they tried to align with Trump, the more they seemed to align with McConnell. In fact, the frontrunner; Jenkins, came-off as a cross between John Edwards and a 2004-ish Mike Huckabee. Ridiculous. I hope this isn't a sign of other GOP-races.

    Megyn Kelly wannabe; McCallum, immediately goes after Blankenship on his conviction... then her and Brett Baier basically ignored Blankenship for most of it. Yet the Deplorables in the crowd seemed won-over by Blankenship's Trumpian prowess and unexpected humor.

    " I'm not going to DC to get-along (with McConnell), because I don't intend to get-along (with McConnell), " was Blankenship's biggest applause-line when asked if he would get-along with the GOP-leadership in the Senate..

    His next biggest line came when he was asked what he had to say about owning residential-property in Nevada... " It means I pay twice as many taxes as anyone else on-stage. "

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    You can tell he was an executive in that most despised by Obama fields---coal. He'll appeal to the Trump fans in that state. It's no damned business of the media or the Dems who the voters pick. Unlike some of the other really bad Republican picks, this guy is quick on his feet in those debates and seems very smart. It sounds like he was attacked by the libs on trumped up charges and said the conviction is in the process of being overturned.

    I like him because he doesn't suffer fools lightly. I couldn't stand that milk-toast guy currently in the house who was a Democrat, then a Republican, then elected to public office as a Dem, then became a Republican again. He reminds me of Charlie Crist in Florida, couldn't stand that snake.

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    It might have been a misdemeanor, but 29 miners died because he ignored safety rules.

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