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  1. #1 Mormon Church Cuts Ties With Revamped Boy Scouts 
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    The Mormon Church has announced that it will be severing its longtime ties with the Boy Scouts of America.

    In a surprise announcement, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has decided to end the relationship which has spanned 105 years or nearly the entire period that the Boy Scouts has existed.

    It is the latest change with what has long been one of the nation’s premier youth organizations but has recently succumbed to SJW pressure by agreeing to admit homosexuals, transgenders and girls and just last month announced that it would be changing its name to the more inclusive BSA.

    It is not known whether those changes were a factor in the decision-making process for the Mormon Church

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    Its taken many years, but the Left finally got their wish; The Boy Scouts are dead and useless assholes are dancing on their grave.
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