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  1. #1 Sanctuary ‘Poster Child’ Gavin Newsom: ‘Offensive’ to Politicize Kate Steinle Murder 
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    California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom said on Tuesday evening that it was “offensive” to politicize Kate Steinle’s murder even after Newsom said he was “proud” that he was the “poster child” for San Francisco’s sanctuary laws that were responsible for her murder.

    At Tuesday evening’s gubernatorial debate in San Jose, Republican gubernatorial candidate Travis Allen said Steinle was murdered because of the sanctuary laws supported by “Gavin Newsom and California Democrats.” Allen said “one Kate Steinle is too many.”

    Newsom responded by saying it was “offensive to politicize the tragic death of Kate Steine” and claimed her death was a “complicated issue” and, without irony, added that it was a “preventable tragedy.”

    Steinle’s death may have been prevented had San Francisco not been a proud sanctuary city. The illegal immigrant who murdered Steinle told authorities that he came to San Francisco explicitly because it was a “sanctuary city.”
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    For people who don't want to politicize any crimes committed by illegal aliens, they sure are always in a rush to politicize any crimes involving guns.
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