Facebook is facing a class-action lawsuit following the revelation that the company logged users’ text and call logs using the Facebook smartphone app.

Facebook is now reportedly facing a class-action lawsuit relating to the company’s collection of user text and audio logs via the Facebook smartphone app, Fast Company reports. A lawsuit filed in the northern district of California names John Condelles III as the main plaintiff and states that Facebook “presents several wrongs, including a consumer bait-and-switch, an invasion of privacy, wrongful monitoring of minors and potential attacks on privileged communications.”

It was revealed recently that Facebook was collecting and storing logs of users phone calls and texts, including the recipients of texts and duration of conversations. According to the lawsuit, “Facebook has collected and stored information in a scope and manner beyond that which users knowingly authorized. The practice is ongoing.” The complaint alleges that this practice violates California’s Unfair Competition Law in relation to three counts as well as fraudulent business practice and violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.