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    10. Does he not realize how destabilizing this will be?

    How many protesters have been shot by IDF thugs at the behest of monsters Netayahu and Trump? 50?

    Fuck this bullshit.
    Stable is a word I would not associate with that region. 4000+ years of history will show that.
    Not PTArmigan. Just Anti Anti-gun.
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    It's kind of amusing but dirty looks and harsh words are all the Democrats have to combat Trump. It's like watching the Palestinians do battle with Israeli tanks with a handful of rocks.
    Liberals! The real fascists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    Most Jewish people I know support the move, and none of them voted for Trump.

    I'm not totally against it, I just hate to see the bloodshed that will come of it-I'm not blaming Israel for it, just stating the inevitability of it coming with the move. Additionally, although I respect Bibi for being smart and all, I don't necessarily trust him. He has his agenda, as PM of Israel. His agenda will not always be our agenda.
    Correct on all points.
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