PaulX2 (551 posts)

Why Is The World Ran By Such Evil Monsters? Trump, Bibi, Saudi King, Chinese Asshole, Putin

I mean c'mon.

What the hell can we do?
And DUers double down on another reason THEY LOST. Equating the opposition party with the worst of the worst dictators as they smugly revel in their self professed superiority and entitlement. They have no clue how UGLY it makes them.

unblock (37,563 posts)

2. these are the kind of people who get no joy out of being firefighters or doctors

you know, actually making other people's lives better.

not all businesspeople are like donnie, but donnie seems to have built his entire life around taking advantage of other people and discarding them.

i really resent the media and the republican party for enabling and promoting this guy instead of flushing him down the drain.
Yes Jack*sses really resent it when THEY have no power.

NewJeffCT (47,901 posts)

4. it's always been run by mostly horrible people

I mean, it's not like the leaders in Russia (and the Soviet Union before that) were benign and benevolent.

Good leaders who governed for the common good of all have been few and far between throughout history.