Alethia Merritt (22 posts)

Just lost all respect for Niki Haley when she walked out on the Palestinian speaker at the UN.

At a time like this, when lives are lost and war and peace are in the balance, such a display of disrespect for suffering people is uncalled for in my opinion. She is not Presidential material in my book. I used to think more highly of her.
The Jack*ss Trash division of the Democrat party - as usual - demand that terrorists be treated with respect and be treated as equal to Israel in terms of reputation and as little children in terms of being responsible for their actions. And that is what the Palestinians are - terrorists - as long as their goal is to kill Jews and destroy Israel and they carry it out like they tried to do yesterday.

Kirk Lover (3,285 posts)

2. It's seems very immature....not what a world leader would do. But sends a very clear

message. Un fucking believable.
What's "immature" and "un fucking believable" is that there are idiots who champion the Palestinians GIVEN THE WAY THEY ACT.
Phoenix61 (4,137 posts)

4. I didn't realize she was so stupid

I thought she had some, not a lot but some, common sense. Acting like a petulant child doesn't garner respect.
Neither does pandering to the Israel haters like THE BLACK ASS did repeatedly.
Takket (5,575 posts)

11. they can bullshit all they want about being "committed to peace"

but actions speak louder than words, and the message delivered by the US the last two days has been that Israel is the only state in the region we listen too, and Palestine and its people have no right to exist.
Awwww. Too bad. Throw temper tantrums like the did and you get slapped down. Try to set bombs and scale the border in order to kill Jews and you get killed. Behavior like that shows that they DO NOT DESERVE RESPECT OR TO BE HEARD.