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  1. #1 As Baptists swirl in controversy, this Texas pastor says preaching justice is 'evil' 
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    As Baptists swirl in controversy, this Texas pastor says preaching justice is 'evil'

    A Southern Baptist pastor in South Texas says the church has a problem: too much talk about justice.

    Racial justice, social justice., global justice — you name it. He's heard enough.

    He's against all this justice. Not only that, but he wants Southern Baptist Convention churches to stop preaching about it.

    Saying the whole idea of justice and equality is way too liberal, the Rev. Grady Arnold of Cuero has filed a resolution calling for the denomination to reject social justice as “evil.”

    Saying social justice is based on “Marxist ideology,” he decries it as not about rights and compassion but about “liberal theology” and compassion for “groups they deem as 'victims.' ”

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    It's not surprising they don't get it, or if they do that they deny it or pretend they don't.

    "Justice" liberal style is all about grievance mongering, creating 'victims' and creating division between people. It isn't about empowering people, no matter what liberals will tell you. It's about creating dependence for political power. And so it isn't about love or empathy as its basis. It's about hatred for the "other" - anyone who would try to separate them from the individuals that give them political power (voters). And yes, it's evil.

    As examples, real justice based on love would empower those who could work because it strengthens self esteem and the individuals place in his/her family. It dispels hopelessness and helplessness. gives people skills and options. But instead liberal "justice" is about giving 'free' everything to those who vote for them, encouraging a cycle of poverty, because "free everything" isn't about thriving, it's about subsistence living. So when the government wants those who can work to do so in order to receive government assistance, what do liberals do? They claim it is "racist" because those in the rural areas where the unemployment rate is high and there are few jobs are not also required to work. Those in the rural areas are predominantly white, with higher numbers of blacks in the inner cities where there are jobs. They don't want to empower the poor who could work to develop skills and move out of poverty, so they scream "racism" and discuss lawsuits because "racism".

    Real "justice" lifts people up without tearing down others. But what do liberals do? They scream "white privilege", "all whites are racist', "check your privilege", "micro aggression" and blame white people for all of society's ills and claim that the US is a horrible, racist country. They blame everything on "toxic male culture" and tear men down, as they not just excuse but rationalize blatant sexism against men. Their goal isn't to lift people up, it's all about expressing their hate and consolidating their power.

    Real "justice" doesn't hate and take away the rights of others to have cultural and religious beliefs by demanding they either violate their religious beliefs or lose their business. Real "justice" would be happy about same sex marriage and would go to businesses that are happy to make same sex wedding cakes or wedding photographs. It is not "justice" but HATE that forces those who do not agree with same sex marriage to violate their beliefs or lose their business.

    Any time liberals talk about "justice" if you look at what their goal is, it isn't to help someone, it's to tear down those they hate and to create division. Look at how Democrats NEVER look at the so called "unintended consequences". When they are pointed out either before a policy is put in place of after it is in effect they IGNORE it. High deductibles and co insurance with Obama care? Millions fewer have signed up because they either don't want it or cannot afford it? Ignore it and tout how wonderful it is and suppress ANYONE who dares speak the truth. It wasn't about empowering people or providing for those who could not provide for themselves, it was about the POWER that nationalizing health care (which was the goal) would give them.

    The pastor is right. Any kind of "justice" liberal style is not just wrong, it's evil.

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    1. Yeah, cause that fella Jesus would never stand up for justice for anyone...

    He absolutely would NOT stand up for "justice" liberal style.
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    2. So, he's saying no Christ-like compassion? For the least of us, for whomever?

    The kooks are out there. They live, they breathe, they eat and drink. Worse yet they breed. A lot.
    "Christ like compassion" does not USE people as political weapons for political power, and it does not enslave people in a cycle of poverty, hopelessness and helplessness. It does not entail tearing some people down in order to fake lift others up.
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    3. What do you expect to hear from someone from Cuero, Texas?

    After all, their high school mascot is the Gobblers.

    I believe that a woman that I knew in college that was from Cuero is now the Methodist minister there. I expect that she would be in full agreement as the Baptist preacher.
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    4. gosh, I'd expect them to know something about the teaching

    of one of the main characters in that big, black book they keep thumping.
    They do, and they know that what liberals hold out as "justice" is all about SLAVERY and HATE, not Christian love. And it is why many churches will not be shamed or manipulated into the evilness of "liberal justice". They have managed to pervert many of the liberal churches, but not all churches and all you have to do is listen to their abject HATRED of Evangelical Christians see where they have not been successful.
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    He seems to be referring to Social Justice and not justice. God is a just God and if people dealt solely in being just then any other man created justice would take care of itself.
    Besides, Social Justice has nothing to do with true justice. It has to do with pitting one ideology over another. It is not about equality, it is about the oppression of others' based on ideology and nothing else. Ask a black conservative how he or she feels about Social Justice?
    Liberals! The real fascists.
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    Ahhh, so the DUmmies are lying again.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    Ahhh, so the DUmmies are lying again.
    Well, yeah. This guy - if accurately represented, which I doubt - is not being accepted by Southern Baptist people, but DUpipo are ignoring that or simply didn't read very far into the article (if they read it at all, which I also doubt). So for the most part what Carol quoted is DUpipo's bigoted railings against what they imagine Southern Baptists are.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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