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  1. #1 "Planned Parenthood Gives Herod's Gift of Childhood Death !" 
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    It may be assumed that some of us will be opting for a far less materialistic Christmas this year. This would be a good thing. Maybe we all could ask for something homemade, something from a loved one’s kitchen, even something immaterial.

    With this in mind I thought I’d voice my ‘in-the-midst-of-a-recession-immaterial’ Christmas request. It is inspired by a recent offer from Planned Parenthood of Indiana. They are offering the opportunity to purchase gift certificates for their services.

    My Christmas wish is for the mask of Planned Parenthood to be lifted so that we can see this organization for what it truly is.

    I find a damper put on my heart to see the offer for people to sponsor an abortion, the intentional killing of a child, in order to celebrate the day the Christ Child was born. Of course the objections will resound, ‘but of course Planned Parenthood provides so many other good services, STD testing, pre-natal care, etc, what’s wrong with enabling a lower income woman to have access to these wonderful options, why do you right-wing fascists focus on abortion?’ Of course it’s not as if providing some goods makes an organization therefore good. The mugger saying ‘thank you’ to the 80-year-old now missing her purse doesn’t make him any less a mugger.

    In light of this, maybe I should revise my immaterial request and root it into a more material end; this also may clear up why I choose to focus on abortion. Namely, I wish the world would recognize the advances of science and conclusions made by reliable scientific inquiry. This Christmas, I hope we all can come together in this atmosphere of hope to see the scientific fact that at the moment of conception a new human being is formed, with his or her unique DNA, his or her identity, even this distinction between ‘his or her’ is determined at this time, and in just a few short weeks, three to be more exact, his or her heart will be begin to beat, he or she will develop all their organs, and their brain will begin to function around 44 days, exactly the process undergone by the child we celebrate on the 25th of December.

    Of course, I recognize those who do not observe the 25th of this month as a memorial of the birth of the Savior. Some may celebrate the demi-god of “Reason,” or “Enlightenment,” or even the solstice in this season of good cheer. In respect to these traditions, how about not defying the very deity some secularists celebrate and allowing a certain illumination of our minds and the carrying out of right reason by recognizing the face and the humanity of the unborn boys and girls being commodified and destroyed as a result of certain individuals’ consumeristic preferences of gift-giving in the great state of Indiana?

    So why do we focus on abortion so much? Well, because all the beauty of the developing unborn child just described is snuffed out in an act of legally permissible barbarism, entirely unfitting for the Christmas season, unless, of course, we recall the fate of those boys two years and younger once Herod chose to act shortly after the Savior’s birth.
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    I already posted this. :p
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