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  1. #1 The 'Depressing' Chart Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Want You To See 
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    Social media users ARE much more depressed.

    This Is The 'Depressing' Chart Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Want You To See

    ....And now The Economist is coming clean against social media's impact on the world's youth... and how heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness.

    Youngsters report problems with anxiety, depression, sleep, and "FoMO"...

    May 20th marked the end of “mental-health awareness week”, a campaign run by the Mental Health Foundation, a British charity. Roughly a quarter of British adults have been diagnosed at some point with a psychiatric disorder, costing the economy an estimated 4.5% of GDP per year. Such illnesses have many causes, but a growing body of research demonstrates that in young people they are linked with heavy consumption of social media.

    According to a survey in 2017 by the Royal Society for Public Health, Britons aged 14-24 believe that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have detrimental effects on their wellbeing.

    On average, they reported that these social networks gave them extra scope for self-expression and community-building.

    But they also said that the platforms exacerbated anxiety and depression, deprived them of sleep, exposed them to bullying and created worries about their body image and “FOMO” (“fear of missing out”).

    Academic studies have found that these problems tend to be particularly severe among frequent users.

    Nearly 63% of Instagram users report being miserable, a higher share than for any other social network. They spend an average of nearly an hour per day on the app.

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    Hmmm… you can kinda say that about everything you spend a great deal of time at.

    I call it 'the live and die syndrome'. You can live-and-die at the racetrack, you can live-and-die at the flea-market, you can live-and-die running muskrat-traps, etc.

    The evening-bonfire was one of the original social-networks. Some of them were always going to be absolute duds.
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