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  1. #1 How Republicans Can Win in November 
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    How Republicans Can Win in November

    While we can't be sure what will happen, most evidence suggests that there will indeed be a blue wave sweeping the House of Representatives this November....

    Considering that the Democratic Party is steadily moving further to the left, a blue wave could have serious consequences. That being the case, what steps do Republicans have to take in order to win in November?

    ...Trump is considering returning to the TPP, which is a terrible idea and will cut into Republican support in the Rust Belt. Many working-class Democrats gambled by voting for Trump, and if he fails to deliver, they may not gamble again.

    Immigration is the most important issue for most Republicans and the issue that got Trump elected. Yet Trump and Republicans in Congress have wasted over a year on secondary issues such as tax cuts. While illegal immigration to the country dropped after Trump took office, the numbers have since increased. Trump needs to get serious about immigration. He and Congress should defund sanctuary states and cities; end chain migration, birthright citizenship, and H1-B visas; implement E-Verify; and drastically reduce immigration. Most importantly, the wall must be built. That was Trump's biggest campaign promise. If he can't keep that, how can he be expected to keep any of his other promises?

    Congress should pass the Goodlatte bill, which is flawed but the best Republicans can hope for.

    This November, Republicans ought to run on reducing immigration. They should portray the Democratic Party as the party of illegal aliens and say they care more about them than American citizens.

    Republicans should also run on the possibility of Trump being impeached if they lose Congress. This will rile up Trump's base and scare some people into voting in the midterms. If Trump is impeached or forced to resign, that will be bad for Democrats, because it will make Republicans angry, and they will vote in large numbers in 2020. Mike Pence would almost certainly be elected to a second term, because Americans won't be ready for three presidents in such a short period of time. This is one of the reasons Lyndon B. Johnson defeated Barry Goldwater in a landslide in 1964: because Americans didn't want to change presidents so soon after the assassination of John F. Kennedy....

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    If Trump committed no crime and is guilty of nothing other than being a legally elected President, how can he be impeached. At least without gun fire ! Everyone is so quick to just blindly accept that word impeach, it will not be done to someone who has committed no crimes, if it is attempted then the war starts here. Why would myself and a hundred million plus others accept a coup, we won't ! We can live with another ass wipe liberal but not one that is promoted to king status, especially when we have caught them red handed committing executable felonies, namely crimes against the state and it's people. No way in hell, I hope everyone else feels the same.

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