JetBlue announced Tuesday that it would allow miniature horses as therapy animals in airplane cabins with a letter of approval from a veterinarian.

The airline announced Tuesday that its revised support animal policy would allow customers to bring dogs, cats, and miniature horses as therapy support animals starting July 1, 2018, as long as a veterinarian can attest to the animal’s health and give proof that its immunizations are up to date, SF Gate reports.

Customers would also have to give the airline 48 hours notice if they are taking an emotional support animal on the plane and must accept responsibility if the animal damages property or injures other passengers.

Morgan Johnston, a JetBlue spokesperson, says the airline released their updated list of allowed animals to match the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) guidelines on therapy animals. Before the DOT released its updated guidelines in May, JetBlue only prohibited certain animals such as ferrets and hedgehogs from being brought on board aircraft.
Great, now I can bring my therapy rhinoceros with me when I fly