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  1. #1 Cher: ‘Scott Pruitt Deserves to Be in Prison’ 
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    Pop icon Cher has joined the chorus of liberals demanding that Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt be imprisoned for his alleged crimes against nature.

    The “Believe” singer took to Twitter on Sunday and said, “Scott Pruitt deserves to be in prison.”

    Cher followed that missive with another, saying, “I Hope Any poison He’s Allowed To come in contact with innocent Children ,comes back to him 10,000 TIMES.”

    The singer and actress was responding to an article by the left-wing group Think Progress that accuses Pruitt of jeopardizing public safety by rolling back Obama-era regulations on risk management.

    According to Think Progress, Pruitt’s EPA “…wants to roll back an Obama-era rule meant to reduce the risks of chemical disasters at more than 10,000 facilities across the nation.”
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    Cher should be in a loony bin or assisted living facility.
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    Heck, CHER should be in prison for doing nothing when she learned that one of her friends repeatedly molested her daughter Chastity as a kid (An act which undoubtedly set Chastity on the road to becoming the abomination that She/he/it is now). As a young adult, Chastity confided in Cher that Cher's lesbian friend Joan (Whom she at that time had just started an official dating relationship with) repeatedly molested her as a kid.
    Do you know how Cher responded to this? Did she call the police, tell them what she knew, and have Joan arrested for multiple counts of statutory rape?
    OF COURSE NOT, that's what a GOOD parent would have done!
    Instead, Cher responded to this by saying that Chastity starting an official relationship with the woman who had molested her for so long would be "A positive life experience for you."

    Last time I checked, if you know that a child is being molested or has been in the past (At least, near enough in the past to be within Statute of Limitations, as Joan's abuse of Chastity was) and deliberately refuse to report it to the police, you can be brought up on charges yourself for aiding and abetting or something along those lines.
    That is what should have happened to Cher.
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