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  1. #1 NY Times: ‘Motherhood Is Hitler’ 
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    NY Times: ‘Motherhood Is Hitler’

    The New York Times has a distinctly weird article, written by a British graduate student, smearing traditional stay-at-home mothers with the taint of “white supremacy.” The writer is able to find actual examples of neo-Nazi racialism in the online “tradwives” community, but it is always possible to find examples of anything on the Internet, e.g., Catholic schoolgirls who grow up to be blue-haired “nonbinary queers.”

    Why this article? Why now? The author of the NY Times piece, Annie Kelly, published an article last year exploiting fears of the “alt-right”...

    ...The problem is not just that liberals are smearing their opponents as Nazis; that’s been going on for decades. The larger problem is that, as the “progressive” Left becomes more extreme and less tolerant of opposition, it provides opportunities for actual neo-Nazis. After all, if mainstream conservatives are being smeared as racists, if Christians are being sued for refusing to participate in same-sex weddings, if James Damore can be fired for criticizing Google’s “diversity” policies — in sum, if any expression of opposition to the Left is punished and silenced — why not just say, “F–k it” and go full-on Nazi? This is not a hypothetical danger, because I’ve personally witnessed intelligent people go down that road...
    The original article is here:
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    Jeez, whiny goofballs inventing non existent problems.
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