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  1. #1 Senators announce bill to stop Trump tariffs 
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    Sundance at the Treehouse thought that this was why Turtle Boy canceled the Senate recess.

    Senators announce bill to stop Trump tariffs

    A bipartisan group of senators struck back against President Trump’s new tariffs on U.S. allies, announcing legislation Wednesday that would give Congress a chance to review any new duties before they take effect.

    The bill would also apply retroactively to any decisions made over the last two years, meaning Mr. Trump’s decision to impose a 25 percent duty in steel imports and a 10 percent duty on aluminum could be subject to congressional approval.

    Mr. Trump last week announced he wouldn’t carve out exceptions to the tariffs for Canada, Mexico and the European Union, and those governments announced retaliatory duties, sparking fears of a global trade war.

    The president justified the tariffs by citing national security, saying the country needed a predictable supply of those metals, though he also said he was bothered by what he perceived as unfair competition.

    Those claims didn’t sit well with senators who said the president was gaming the system....
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    If it makes it to Trump he will simply veto it.
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    Well, a senior delegation of Chinese trade officials is making their way to seek an audience with the President and sue for peace in the trade war. We should know in the near future which, if any, tariffs are going to be for real and which were just political poker chips. Hint: DJT will be raking in the pot on this hand. Our economy is genuine and roaring. Their's is fake and holding on by a thread. Concessions may be in the area of trade, intellectual property rights, currency manipulation, South China Sea militarization, North Korean co-operation. Too early to tell but the MAGA agenda will be advanced and the hair-on-fire, end-of-the world free traders will be scrambling for some new spin.

    These simple facts point to the dire position of the Chinese:

    1. Direct foreign investment by Chinese businesses and individuals in the United States in 2017 is THREE TIMES what it was in 2016. This is not a plot to "buy " our country and make us serfs. They are getting their money the hell out while they still can.

    2. The Chinese government is funding an equivalent of the old Obama Stimulus Package every SEVENTEEN DAYS and have been doing so for quite a while. Where did you think the investment in all of those huge, totally empty cities was coming from?

    3. Televised public executions of hundreds of "corrupt" officials preparing politically and psychologically for iron rule in the upcoming chaos.

    4. Despite having billions of people, they are running out of 25 year old workers (skilled or not). A direct result of their "one child" policy.

    The $#!+ is going to hit the fan sooner or later (but not that much later). Xi would prefer later. Back to the poker table with Xi and Donald. Xi knows that Donald could kick the table over at any time and he is terrified. WE WIN.

    Anyone tired of winning yet?
    NEWS FLASH: Jeff Sessions arrested in the lobby of the Department of Justice for loitering. Details to follow.
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