They create this horrific problem and then demand others fix it. Typical Democrats.

Democrats demand action to solve rising Obamacare premiums
Democrats left little doubt Wednesday that heath care will be their signature issue in the mid-term contests, betting the GOP’s decision to weaken Obamacare as part of its tax overhaul will give them a winning platform to run on while vulnerable senators are tethered to Capitol Hill this August.

Senate Republican leaders this week said they are canceling most of their summer vacation to stay and work on confirming President Trump’s nominees and to make headway on the annual spending bills.

But Minority Charles E. Schumer said Democrats will try to turn August into a referendum on health care, demanding action to solve rising Obamacare premiums.

Democrats say the GOP’s move to scrap the 2010 health law’s “individual mandate” is fueling the premium increases. They say taxpayer funding and government options are the answer.

They’re demanding action on five ideas: letting the federal government use its authority under Medicare to negotiate down the cost of drugs; enhancing Obamacare’s tax credits and help for out-of-pocket costs; funding a federal reinsurance program; letting people buy into Medicare before they reach age 65; and creating incentives for 17 holdouts states to expand Medicaid to people making 138 percent of the federal poverty level....