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  1. #1 WOW! Government waste, just wow. 
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    Here are some tidbits, the rest of the report is A waste of money!

    Read them all and weep, and remember, we got a hope and a change a-coming!

    Politicians in Washington outdid themselves in 2008, wasting taxpayer money in ways and amounts once thought unimaginable – all without blushing. So outrageous was the spending, an outside observer would be forced to think that not only do Americans love to pay taxes, but that the federal budget was in a state of perpetual surplus. This report is an attempt to pull back the curtain on 65 examples of wasteful Washington spending worth more than $1.3 billion, and by doing so, provide a mechanism to hold Congress accountable for fiscal responsibility. It is time for Washington to stop recklessly spending other peoples’ money and burdening future generations with insurmountable national debt.

    Wasting taxpayer dollars in any year is unacceptable, but the extent to which it occurred in 2008 was a clear demonstration of how Washington politicians often put low‐priority items ahead of more important needs. Federal agencies dedicated scarce dollars to the search for outer space aliens ($9.4 million), a retractable shade canopy ($2.4 million), training classes for casino workers ($784,000), voice mail for the homeless ($15,000), and a non‐functioning gas station shaped like an airplane ($9,000).
    This was the case despite the fact that by the end of the fiscal year the federal


    Similarly, half a million dollars was given to the B In Tune youth music program in 2005 to teach kids about “funk music and Nobel peace laureates.” No proof was ever furnished to show the money was used for its intended purpose, and when asked why, the organization’s director said that a senior consultant “became ill.” A $430,000 grant was given to the organization in 2008, which the director said would be used to teach kids how to be a DJ or how to produce a television show.
    It gets worse..

    Some examples merely border on the ridiculous, such as $188,000 in funding for the Lobster Institute, which exists to promote the lobster industry throughout Maine, in part by deploying an underwater LobsterCam. Likewise, one million dollars was given to Louisiana for the construction of a bike path along its levee system, even as the levees remain in need of additional repairs.

    “The check’s in the mail” – IRS Mailings for Rebate Checks ($42 million)
    When Congress passed legislation this year giving every taxpayer a stimulus check, the Department of the Treasury felt recipients needed a little advanced warning. It spent nearly $42 million on a mailing to inform taxpayers not that their checks had arrived, but merely that they would be there soon.52 Each piece of mail cost 32 cents to print, process and deliver. Treasury officials insisted that the mailing was essential to “have as few people as possible confused.” The Las Vegas Sun wondered aloud: “why not include the explanation letters with the checks and use the other money for something useful, such as investigating tax fraud?”

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    Beat me to it. Kansas made the list!

    Training Classes for Casino Workers – Kansas ($784,000)

    Good casino workers are hard to find in the Kansas City area, according to the Departments of Labor and Education. Both federal departments teamed up this year and gave $784,000 in grants to the Kansas City Kansas Community College for a new training program geared to assist workers that may seek employment in a nearby planned casino. Casino owners are not taking any chances when it comes to getting the government to pay for their workers’ training. “Every casino operator has talked to us about this,” said Lori Trumbo, dean of business and continuing education at the community college. “They are going to need these employees, and they’re going to need them to be well‐trained.”
    Why bother training your own darn employees when the government can do it for you!
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