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    See the response to question #15 - impact of immigration in particular for the Hispanic group.
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    Every age group, gender and race feels that the large scale immigration trend is making their area worse. This blows to hell the theory of the moderate republicrats like Jeb, Kasich and far too many of Congressional RINOs that we must grant amnesty and keep the borders open or we will lose Hispanic votes. What they will do is piss off Trump's base (which is distinct from the GOP base) and they will stay home on election day. It doesn't matter how much money the Chamber of Commerce and Club for Growth pumps into their campaigns. We are back to the decades old GOP playbook of grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.
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    the internals of the poll are pretty shaky (registered voters, skewed party affiliation), but the overall was D+5, more evidence there will be no "blue wave". 56 percent thinking the flood of immigration has changed their area for the worse and over half want it to be a major campaign issue for the midterms should give some lame duck like Paul Ryan pause - notice a lot of his wing of the GOP are retiring and there's more than one neverTrumper incumbent in trouble.
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