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Supreme Court gives states the right to arbitrarily purge voters

If this is not a severe form of voter suppression then what is. The Supreme Court is codifying a state's right to discriminate against its citizens on just about any arbitrary reason. Worse the wording from Judge Alito should scare potential voters.
Arbitrarily? This OP and the link says nothing about the actual Supreme Court decision. They're just bomb throwing for their low information followers and voters.

Here's more information.


DonViejo (44,013 posts) Supreme Court Greenlights Ohio's Voter Purge Policy

Source: Talking Points Memo

By Tierney Sneed | June 11, 2018 10:12 am

The Supreme Court on Monday approved of Ohio’s voter purge protocol, reversing an appeals court decision against it.

The 5-4 opinion was written by Justice Samuel Alito, with the four liberal justices dissenting.

The Ohio policy allows election officials to begin the purge process once a voter does not vote in a certain period of time. Under the regime, if a voter sits out one federal election, they are sent a notification from the state inquiring whether they still reside at the same address. If the voter does not return the card and sits out the next four years of federal elections, Ohio then removes them from the voter rolls.

Opponents of the policy argued that it violated the National Voter Registration Act’s provision prohibiting the removal of voters “by reason of the person’s failure to vote.”

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So voters are purged after they sit out one federal election, do not send back a card sent to them AND then sit out the next 4 years of federal elections. How arbitrary!/s

bucolic_frolic (9,765 posts)

1. Gorsuch is illegitimate

because the seat was stolen and he was nominated by an election thief

Just sayin'
lagomorph777 (5,171 posts)

3. This is what happens when we let them get away with stealing.

We should've taken the nuclear option to confirm Garland.
StevieM (7,588 posts)

14. Gorsuch is illegitimate because Comey and the FBI targeted the Democratic candidate

and destroyed her reputation. You cannot have an election on those terms.

So all of Trump's policies and nominees are illegitimate.
They gave her a pass. ANYONE else would be in prison, not just not the president after losing an election.

dameatball (1,724 posts)

2. Absolute nonsense. If a person chooses not to vote for ten years, so what?
elleng (83,348 posts)

5. Of course it is, but Ohio's been after 'them'/us for years,

and now it's 'officially' ok.

They are definitely not into democracy.
If 'them/us' is people who vote more than once - voting for dead people or those that don't vote then I'm sure that's true. Good.
TimeSnowDemos (424 posts)

4. Who's surprised?

No one.

As has happened over and over in US history, voting rights are either stripped away from or never granted to certain groups.


To drive down participation.

Not that it really matter in America, which is hardly a properly functioning democracy.

Still, even in that context, this is depressing.
JohnnyRingo (12,119 posts)

28. "When people vote, democrats win."

I don't know how many times I've heard that, and it's true. That's because people who identify with democratic principles outnumber republicans by far. The problem is... we don't vote. We have every excuse not to, and I've heard them all because I make a point to enlist at least two people who have never cast a vote every election. Even then, getting them into the booth on election day can be an uphill push all the way.

On the other hand, those raised in conservative homes vote as a family birthright. They're taught from an young age that even if there's nothing on the ballot except dogcatcher, they must get their asses in there early and vote for the republican dogcatcher.
TimeSnowDemos (424 posts)

29. Yes but

Millions of democrats have had their votes stolen, millions more face voter suppression... And frankly millions of poor people and minorities think there's not much point. The US system is so very cruel, under both parties, that it's hard to not at least have sympathy.

Dems are many millions of times better than GOPers, which is pretty obvious, but for millions it truly is the difference between starving and being starved.
Democrats hate anything that discourages or prevents illegal voting.