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  1. #1 this is for all you "right to lifers" 
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    Nothing enrages the left quite like the government not handing out "free" abortions and contraceptives, unless it's not getting that "free" something that they feel entitled to.

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    this is for all you "right to lifers"

    Trump wants to cut funds to Planned Parenthood and right to lifers make me sick. The rich and well heeled can go to Canada or Europe and obtain an abortion...this country has NO right to discriminate one segment of society in relation to another. If the rich can an abortion in or out of the country...abortion should not be forbidden in this country against the less monied. that is discrimination.
    The religious say life should not be aborted but dying from lack of medical care is quite all right? A convoluted sense of morality. This country killed my daughter from lack of medical care and I have a weak heart because I could not pay a doctors office visit. This country is one sick excuse for morality
    What happened? Obamacare wasn't good enough?

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    1. I'm as angry about this as you are

    The first act of George W was to seriously limit stem cell research. My then 4 year old daughter had just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and stem cell therapy is the only realistic path to a cure.
    Fortunately I was able to cover her with insurance at my work, and when I retired Obamacare covered her.
    I really worry about what Trump would like to see in the future.
    The only limit to stem cell research was to ban EMBRYO stem cell research except for existing cell lines. Good thing he did, too. Planned Parenthood showed that they'd even illegally sell aborted baby parts after an abortion. It's sick, sick, sick.
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    2. They only care about fetuses, once born, they don't give a damn

    Once born children :
    * can be deported
    * can be denied healthcare
    * are given substandard education
    * are subjected to conversion therapy
    * are more malnourished than in any other industrialized nation
    Yea, we get it. Liberals think the government should be responsible for cradle to grave 100% care.

    These are simply attacks. No matter how much Republicans would do for kids the Democrats would claim it isn't enough and abortion MUST be legal. And they are empty attacks. Republicans have done a lot for kids but Democrats always consider it 'not enough'. It's all about MONEY and greed to the Democrats.

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    3. Right to Lifers need to take responibility for the whole package

    To the Pro-Lifers - If you want your beliefs and messages to have any semblance of logic you need to own the whole package. A woman get pregnant and the GOP (most, if not all, claim to be pro-life) is doing everything in their power to deny this woman the per-natal care required to give birth to a healthy child and protect the mother's life. Then after the child is born the GOP is doing everything in their power to deny the child proper health care and a living wage for the parent(s). To make things even worse, they want to dismantle child's ability to get a good education, clean water, uncontaminated food, clean air, adequate housing, etc., etc. You know, all those good things Fake Tan's cabinet are doing their all to dismantle.

    Pro-Life is the height of hypocrisy and it sickens me that Pro-Life men think they have any business dictating what should be a woman's personal decision. The GOP says they don't want government dictating peoples lives. The anti abortion movement is doing exactly the opposite.

    I cannot understand why the GOP congress doesn't get it yet. When will they realize that knelling down to the toddler in chief puts them on extremely wrong side of history. For God's sake, you all know he's incompetent, ignorant, dangerous, and guilty. You all know he only cares about one thing, and one thing only - himself.

    My authority for my opinion. I was a very late in life accident. My mothers health was not good to begin with and things got so bad she was given the "option". She chose not to take it and here I am. After I was born her health was never good again and the pain she lived with for rest of her life has no words to adequately describe it. MY POINT - I would not have blamed my mother one bit if she had taken the option. BUT, she was given a choice, in the early 50's. All women deserve to have a choice.
    Pro abortion is the height of selfishness, irresponsibility, and childishness.

    And if MEN have no say in abortion then as a woman I think the liberal baby killing advocates should put up or shut up. If they and unmarried and decide to keep the baby - since the man has no say in it he SHOULD NOT have any responsibility for child support unless he wants to pay it.

    Feminazi's always want it both ways. They deny men ANY say in THEIR decision but they expect the man to pay. They want to make the decisions without any input from the babies father then the father should have no responsibility no matter what her decision is.
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    Not to be a pro-lifer means you are pro-death.
    Cast your burden on the Lord,
    and he will sustain you;
    he will never permit
    the righteous to be moved.
    Psalm 55:22
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    this is for all you "right to lifers"

    Trump wants to cut funds to Planned Parenthood and right to lifers make me sick.
    Ya-a-a-a-a-awwwwwwn ... there is a solution to this supposed conundrum. It's a solution that has me knowing that I haven't caused the deaths of any babies and won't have any, "Hi, Dad!" surprises from someone I've never seen before. And this solution didn't cost me a penny.
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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