Boy, can we use this in California!

Carl DeMaio (KOGO radio host and former city councilman) just had on a vote integrity group. They explained how voters are listed by their addresses on a map in the polling place. All a fraudulent voter has to do is claim to be one of these voters and he or she gets to vote. If the listed voter is a "stale" voter (a voter who remain on the rolls for years but never votes) no one knows that the vote has taken place.

The voter intergity folks know this is happening because, sometimes the fraudulent voter picks someone who is not "stale" and this person complains when he or she is unable to vote when arriving at the polls.

DeMaio asked about showing ID and the voter integrity people said it is not required and that, in a state where illegals get drivers' licenses that are identical to those carried by citizens, the ID alone would not be enough, since illegals can use the ID to register to vote (through motor voter).

This SCOTUS decision may be the first relief California gets unless our ridiculous assembly decides it will not follow this Federal ruling either.