According to an article on BBC Future, women’s body parts need a makeover. Well, the names of their body parts that is. According to Leah Kaminsky, “men are all over women’s bodies.” This sounds sort of x-rated until Kaminsky clarifies: “dead, white male anatomists, that is.” Then it just sounds like some sort of obscure issue that should be dealt with in Necrophiliac’s Anonymous or somewhere. But, actually, Kaminsky is trying to make a case for changing the names of female body parts, because they were named by — and sometimes after — men.

Kaminsky points out that female body parts such as “the Pouch of Douglas, Bartholin’s glands, fallopian tubes, and that elusive Grafenberg spot” are all named after men: James Douglas, Gabriel Fallopian (sic — his name was actually Fallopius), Caspar Bartholin, and Ernst Grafenberg. Not only that, even male gods got involved in the whole name-that-female-body-part game because Hymen is the Greek god of marriage ceremonies and the hymen is the membrane covering the vagina (which is often punctured for the first time during sex which, long ago in the past, first happened on a woman’s wedding night).

Kaminsky argues that “the continued use of these mostly male eponyms not only reflects the gender bias in our medical knowledge base. It may continue to perpetuate it.”
Changing all the anatomy books is going to be a big problem