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    The writer, Marina Medvin, is absolutely right in how the left views any truth that defies what they feel should be right. She uses the liberal's response to Jordan Peterson as a perfect example.

    So here’s the difference: just as I find comfort in the truth and can navigate the real world with confidence when I know my strengths and weaknesses, while leftists find comfort in the illusion of strength and obtain confidence from navigating the world with optimistic concealment of weaknesses.

    Leftists don’t feel like men should ever be better at certain things than women. Logical deductions which lead to such conclusions are upsetting to them, and they feel that they can change the answer. So they do. But that type of deceit prevents one from being able to find a real competitive advantage. It’s handicapping oneself in reality.

    The left has extended this deceit into a complete and utter misunderstanding of opposing views.

    In the case of Jordan Peterson, when leftists listen to him, they are unable to objectively hear his words. Instead, they hear their own interpolation of conservative ideology. What they do is interpose their own interpretation of conservative politics into his speeches, and then write about their own judgment of such politics, evaluating their own judgment as if it is Peterson’s word.

    It’s rather fascinating. The left doesn’t hear Peterson - they create their own judgment of Peterson.
    The whole article is here
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    The left doesnít hear ________ - they create their own judgment of ________.
    You could fill in those blanks with the names of many, many Rs and conservatives.
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