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Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin

"Generally, claims by aliens pertaining to domestic violence or gang violence perpetrated by non-governmental actors will not qualify for asylum," Sessions wrote. "That a country may have problems effectively policing certain crimes ... cannot itself establish an asylum claim." …

2:50 PM - Jun 11, 2018

What other country grants large scale asylum based of "gang violence" or "domestic abuse".

I can see it for women who's husbands are in leadership roles and have the resources to hunt them out if they leave him, but just anyone who comes and claims it? No.

nature-lover (282 posts)

2. Is this a strategy so that he can be fired and it not look Mueller related?

So many evil policies. Makes me wonder.
House of Roberts (1,676 posts)

5. Legislative, Executive and JUDICIAL.

Judges aren't part of the Executive branch. They don't take orders from Sessions.
Caliman73 (3,279 posts)

6. Unfortunately that is not accurate.

Immigration judges are appointed by the AG and under the Administrative branch.
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7. The US AG has jurisdiction over this

"Unlike the federal judiciary system, the U.S. immigration courts fall under the Justice Department’s jurisdiction, and the attorney general can intervene."
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22. "Intervene" does not mean "order". Any AG can intervene, do an appeal for instance, but to

order judges seems not right at all...maybe we will here from the judges soon...and en mass resignation?
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24. Or simple refusal to

give deference to it whether they openly say so or not.
I'm tired of the Jack*ss Party members who were THRILLED when Obama made changes being up in arms and suing when President Trump makes changes. And I'm sick and tired of them declaring that only laws THEY agree with need to be followed.

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13. Here's the deal --

Domestic abuse wasn't a crime HERE until we (women, mostly) made it so.

Thus, whether or not and how well any other country handles domestic violence is a political issue, not merely a crime issue. Since it IS a political issue, that should put it under our asylum laws.
Rationalize and justify.

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14. Republicans Are So Evil

So F-ing Evil.
IronLionZion (22,537 posts)

15. Discouraging people from reporting these crimes

what an asshole

Not blanket granting asylum due to crimes IN ANOTHER COUNTRY is "discouraging people from reporting these crimes"?

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16. Heartless Fuck!