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  1. #1 Leftwing Blogosphere Cheers Iraqi Shoe Thrower 
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    Leftwing Blogosphere Cheers Iraqi Shoe Thrower

    The shoes had hardly left the hand of the Iraqi who tossed them at President Bush during the Baghdad press conference yesterday when the leftwing blogosphere began cheering him as some sort of hero. The incredible success of the Surge in Iraq has been very frustrating for the left.

    Along with Joe Biden they claimed that the Surge could never work. Problem was that it worked. That is why they have been so silent recently on the topic of the Iraq.

    The complete turnaround there has been much too embarrassing for them to mention Iraq very much...until now. The shoes tossed by that Iraqi journalist let loose a river of pent up frustration in the form of hailing the shoe tosser. Here is a sampling of the the reaction from the Daily Kos:

    Iraqi guy just threw his shoes at Bush

    during a press conference.
    A size 10 shoe sailed past Dear Leader's head at a presser with Maliki.
    It's probably down the back of the SOFA as we speak.

    BAGHDAD (AP) His legacy forever linked to an unpopular war, President George W. Bush flew under intense security to Iraq on Sunday where he called the nearly six-year conflict hard but necessary to protect the United States and give Iraqis hope. "The war is not over," he declared.

    Bush was reminded of the intense opposition to his policies when a man threw two shoes at him one after another during a news conference with Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Bush ducked both throws, and neither man was hit.

    "All I can report is a size 10," Bush joked.

    Iraqi reporter throws shoes at Bush, calls him dog

    AGHDAD (Reuters) An Iraqi reporter called visiting U.S. President George W. Bush a "dog" in Arabic on Sunday and threw his shoes at him during a news conference in Baghdad.

    Iraqi security officers and U.S. secret service agents leapt at the man and dragged him struggling and screaming out of the room where Bush was giving a news conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

    The shoes missed their target about 15 feet away. One sailed over Bush's head as he stood next to Maliki and smacked into the wall behind him. Bush smiled uncomfortably and Maliki looked strained.


    Iraqi man throws shoe at Bush during press conference in Baghdad
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    Lame. Leftist liberal dirtbags can't stand it that our President has the cat-like reflexes to avoid the assault and the aplomb to respond with a joke and a smile. Must suck to be a liberal weenie have something like this go so wrong and turn out so good for the "hated President.":D
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