Democrats need to be slapped down. Just like when they claimed over and over again that X that Obama or Hillary did WASN'T a scandal, and then expected that meant there wasn't a scandal no matter what they did, they now think that claiming that President Trump "colluded" with the Russians and/or is corrupt makes it so, when there is no evidence of either. Then they demand that others act on their unhinged 'beliefs' (to get what THEY want, of course).

Amaryllis (7,326 posts)

Anyone else frustrated by endless analysis of why GOP does nothing, without addresing main reason?

All these articles asking why GOP won't stand up to Trump. It is so vastly more than catering to their base.

They are complicit! Compromised themselves. They are protecting themselves! Or at least trying to. So much info out there about them taking Russian money, etc. Same with NRA. In it up to their eyeballs. Trump is not the ONLY one in Putin's pocker. I'm sure I don't need to list all the examples of GOP complicity; most of you know them well.

Here is just ONE example: (Sure you all can provide many more)

Remember Lawrence screaming about Ryan being at center of Nunes scandal & media totally missing it?

This is why Ryan won't get rid of Nunes:
From March 28, 2017. I am copying the whole OP here:

O'Donnell tonight: Ryan at center of Nunes scandal. R in as deep as N; this why R won't remove Nunes

O'Donnell again tonight showed clip of Ryan saying he "had to brief the speaker first" before going to WH. Asks, "Why are no reporters picking up on Ryan involvement in Nunes scandal? Iíve showed this clip three times of Nunes saying he had to brief the speaker before he did anything else, and yet no one is picking up on it."

"Ryan is at the center of the scandal. The press apparently didnít hear it when he said it in the WH driveway when he said he first went to Ryan before going to the WH. Everything he did after that would have been at the direction of Ryan. "

"The Nunes scandal is Paul Ryanís scandal. That is why Ryan wonít remove him. Ryan is in it as deep as Nunes is. If Nunes can lose the chairmanship over it, Ryan can lose the speakership over it. "

I have wondered myself why more aren't picking up on this, even on DU. See this thread:
for O'Donnell show video and transcript from Thursday where he raises this question of why no one seems to be picking up on Ryan's involvement and says Nunes is covering up for Ryan; that Nunes fell on his sword for Ryan.

This is very important; it means Ryan is colluding as well as Nunes! Not only colluding, but directing Nunes. Much more in the thread from the Thursday show linked to above, but O'Donnell feels it so important that he brought it up for the third time tonight.
There's no reason for Republicans to participate in the delusions of the left. And that is why they are doing nothing about President Trump.

And no, protecting themselves and each other from the lies and untrue accusations from the Democrats IS NOT "collusion", a scandal or corruption.. Good try though.
KCDebbie (16 posts)

1. I've been fed up for several months...

I don't know why it matters to me but I'm beyond shocked that our television and print media isn't saying/using the "TREASON" word yet!
uponit7771 (47,188 posts)

2. K&R, I'm more sick of the media's lack of focus on where Ryan and McConnell are getting any money

... or how they've raised money for campaigns.

They should be all up in Ryan and McConnell fund sources
Corvo Bianco (835 posts)

5. I've been saying this since my drunk rant last thanksgiving

Va Lefty (4,232 posts)
6. The word is Treason!

BigmanPigman (15,871 posts)

7. Rachel is covering the GOP hypocrisy tonight.