NRaleighLiberal (45,907 posts)
anyone else having issues processing what is going on? And I am not watching...

just reading a bit here, CNN, TPM, Twitter.

Let me try the cliff notes version - narcissistic sexist racist misogynist pig from a reality show is compromised by Putin, who hacks our election and makes the asshole president, who proceeds to ruin everything he touches and tear down decades of progress, makes decisions that run counter to progress and decency, rips our allies and, while a noose is hanging around his neck due to the Mueller investigation, thinks he is BFF with a brutal dictator as they create an episode of some shitty upcoming reality show starring Dennis Rodman.

Or something like that.

I've got to go to bed - once again, for the umpteenth time - daily since prezzie election day - my head hurts. We are truly in bizarro world with no end in sight.
dawg day (860 posts)

1. I can't stand it either--

so afraid that this orange turd will get away with it like he's gotten away with everything in his selfish life.

And I'm afraid that the GOP is watching and thinking, "We can keep doing this-- we can keep electing angry thugs like Trumps and legacy losers like W with a minority of votes by manipulating however we can, whether it's the supreme court making it happen or Russia.

and we can do it with a minority over and over, so we never have to appeal to a majority again, and we can screw everyone including our own voters, because a large minority love getting screwed, and the GOP establishment really knows how to exploit that.

I'm afraid we'll never come back from it.
And that Democrats are too civilized and law-abiding, usually a good thing, to stand up and say, "THIS ELECTION WAS STOLEN. WE'RE TAKING IT BACK."
Yes, they're quite adamant that President Trump isn't going to get away with winning the election from them.

question everything (32,792 posts)

2. Same here

And I am developing dark thoughts.

I am cheering Kudlow's heart attack, hoping that others will follow.
murielm99 (20,966 posts)

13. The media can do all the marveling it likes

over how historic and wonderful this is. It is not. It is attention seeking behavior on behalf of two of the worst narcissistic babies in the entire world. I am not watching, either.

I was shocked by Andrea Mitchell, and I did not believe that was possible. She was marveling over Un and fawning over how he was so young when he came to power, and how he has stayed in power and now gotten recognition. Anyone with a brain would be stunned that this little thug had gotten what he wanted, and only did so because he found a world "leader" as stupid as he is. That was the end of it. I am not watching anything else.
kag (1,866 posts)

18. I kept hoping a news anchor would come onto the screen with "breaking news" that

Mueller had just filed indictments for Cheetoh, his family, and his entire circle of criminal suck-ups.

When that didn't happen after the first few minutes I turned it off and read a book.
BadgerMom (1,036 posts)

19. This whole thing feels so off.

A year ago Trump and Kim were exchanging insults on Twitter. Otto Warmbier was on his deathbed. At the Winter Olympics Pence snubbed the North Korean reps. Now we’re best buddies. It feels so contrived. I know it sounds like I’m some nutball conspiracy theorist, but it feels like there’s a master puppeteer. Putin, anyone?