TomCADem (12,184 posts)
Iran Must Be Thinking, "Damn! We Will Take NK's Deal Any Day of the Week!"

Can you imagine if a U.S. President agreed to roll back sanctions on Iran, stop coordinating defense with Israel, and all the U.S. got was squishy language about desiring a nuclear free world some day? Netanyahu would have lost his shit.
Is it ANY surprise the Jack*sses compare THE END RESULT of the so called negotiations with Iran with the very BEGINNING negotiations with North Korea?
world wide wally (13,032 posts)

1. They will be thrilled to see "The Art of the Deal" firsthand

Iran is thinking that they're glad they only had to deal with The Black *ss and his lackey, Kerry, gave EVERYTHING and got NOTHING. And then he had the audacity to claim that it was a wonderful deal thinking that everyone was so dumb that they wouldn't understand that giving pallets of cash for an "agreement" with NO way to verify they were doing what they agreed to and with a sunset clause so that at best it only put it off by a few years would buy it. Well, democrats did. Suckers. Oh, and the Iranians NEVER SIGNED the "agreement", either.