I spent years believing the diversity and equality argument. In truth, it is a hollow lie. The most judgmental people I have met are those who preached equality.

The truth is they are simply using the argument to advance themselves (climb the pyramid that they claim to reject).

People should advance on the pyramid based on their behavior or hard-work they earn. Instead, all you have to do is check an identity box and somehow you lay claim to something. The identities of the general population are supposed to fill the slots according to the same proportions. So, if there are 6 identities, then all CEOs should be 1/6th of every identity. And so on and so forth.

But even following that method, you will still have people at the bottom 'unjustly' because every identity is supposed to have a free pass.

Capitalism is a far better method of sorting that all out. Hard workers get more. People who contribute nothing, don't gain much.