anneboleyn (5,493 posts)

Hannity and Nunes are calling for Rosenstein to be impeached/fired. Absolutely nuts and disgusting.

Hannity and Rosenstein are hysterically arguing that Rosenstein is “obstructing justice” and must be fired now. Hannity must be feeling the heat? This is insane and disgusting.

Everything they are accusing Rosenstein of sounds remarkably like Trump...

Hannity is beyond disgusting — screaming. MAKES ME SICK.
What us 'nuts and disgusting' is Rosenstein et al thinking they are above the law and Democrats agreeing with them.

RockRaven (688 posts)

1. They are calling for that because they are subjects of a federal investigation

Any criminal/hostile foreign agent/traitor would want the people investigating them to be fired/be removed/go away. It speaks more to their consciousness of guilt than anything else.
The DOJ and FBI refusing to give the HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE documents they are entitled to in their position of OVERSIGHT of the DOJ and FBI. THAT speaks to their consciousness of GUILT. If this wasn't a contrived 'investigation' as a pretext to spy on the Trump campaign then they would have gladly shown the information that the committee asked for. But they're not. They are lying and hiding information the committee needs.
Ccarmona (889 posts)

4. You Mean "Hannity and Nunes are hysterically..."

Don’t you?

There are Twitter reports that there is a Federal Investigation into Hannity, Nunes, & Rohbacher for their roles. If true, this is right out of Cult #45’s Obstruction of Justice playbook.
ProudLib72 (10,033 posts)

5. Hannity and Nunes need to be fired

Out of a cannon.

Into a brick wall.

Sooner rather than later.

Right. Can't have all the "work" Obama did to corrupt the DOJ, FBI and CIA be lost.

genxlib (1,320 posts)

6. Every time Nunes opens his mouth

The only analysis should say something to the effect that he should keep his fucking mouth shut because he recused himself from anything related to Russia for behaving so badly.

The world needs to be reminded of that every time he crawls out from under his rock

Every fucking time.
That's not true. But then what do they care about the truth.