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If You Really Love LGBTQ People, You Just Can't Keep Eating Chick-fil-A


Excuses I’ve heard for continuing to eat at Chick-fil-A range from a nonchalant dismissal of the issue (“In the grand scheme of things, eating there isn’t really that big of a deal and we have bigger problems to worry about”) to an all-or-nothing paradigm (“I can’t possibly avoid all of the problematic companies out there, so why should I worry about this one?”) to a simple admittance that the siren song of the company’s kitchens has proven impossible to ignore (“I know I shouldn’t eat there but it’s just too good not to!”).

To all of these flimsy justifications, I say, “Bullshit.” If you care about queer people ― or you yourself are queer ― you have absolutely no business eating at Chick-fil-A. Ever. It’s really that straightforward.

If you’re arguing there are other (arguably bigger) fish (or, in this case, chicken) to fry, you may not be wrong. However, I think you’re underestimating my (and probably your) ability to be angry about ― and take action against ― more than one target at once. Just because Chick-fil-A may not be as “bad” (in your view) as the Trump administration (or countless other folks or corporations), that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t challenge Chick-fil-A on its anti-queer stance while continuing to call out and work against other offensive and/or dangerous entities.

Any effort or energy you dedicate to not filling Chick-fil-A’s queerphobic coffers does not compromise your ability to simultaneously do the same with other opponents. Surely, like me, you have enough ― and are, sadly, constantly generating more ― outrage to spread around whenever and wherever it may be needed.

So if you "love LGBTQ people" you have to not only hate everyone who thinks marriage is between a man and a woman but work to destroy them as well?

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2. Already don't eat at Chick-fil-A.

Separation of Church and Ate. Now I have another reason not to eat there.
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8. They had a one day pop-up in London 2 years ago, in Swiss Cottage if you know the area, and a lot

of LGBTQ protesters came out. I hope they stay the hell out of the EU.

Oh, and FUCK Marco Rubio too!

They are the fascists they claim others are.d

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9. One just opened around the corner...

But I'm not going in!
lol, idiots

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13. What if I take their money and get food for free

Because I'm hired every now and then to twist balloons there?

Last time was before the big kerfuffle when no one knew what the founder was like.

I remember conservative friends sending out pictures of Sarah Palin and family proudly holding up their meal when the first protests were going on. I pissed them off by replying "It's good to see Palin supporting a gay-friendly company like Coca-Cola. Good on her." It honestly put some of them in a bind because if they were supporting Chick-Fil-A over being anti-gay, some were honest enough with themselves that drinking Coke would mean being pro-gay.