Here's another shockey thread.

shockey80 (918 posts)

I told everyone here for months Trump is going down and going down hard.

Look at what is happening. Trump is screwed.

You have the mueller investigation. Manafort and Cohen are fucked. They may turn. We are talking treason when it comes to Trump and his people. They supported an attack on America by Russia. You are a fucking traitor when you do that.

My home State of New York just filed a lawsuit against Trump and his family. Way to go New York. Crooked charity.

There are two grand juries investigated Trump.

Trump is being investigated for breaking the Emollients Claus of the constitution.

Stormy Daniels trial. Trump may have committed some serious crimes

The Summer trial. Same as above.

More to come, count on it.

Trump destroyed himself and his family when he made the dumb decision to run for president.

And anyone that does that MUST BE DESTROYED.

Jack*sses are simply ensuring that THEIR candidates and THEIR president and ANYONE in his/her administration WILL BE INVESTIGATED And if they did so much as jaywalked they will be SUED over and over again.

Because that is all this is.

THE DEMOCRAT IMPERIAL ENTITLEMENT TO RULE SUPREMACISTS are determined to destroy anyone who dares to cross them.

hibbing (6,191 posts)

1. I must admit, I'm nervous about the deplorables

If, and I still think it is a big if, he goes down, his supporters will go nuts. I mean we have Nazis winning nominations, and most of his supporters are completely batshit.

Cary (9,049 posts)

3. Most?

You're too generous. They're all completely batshit. Every last one of them.
And the Jack*sses wonder why they lose elections with attitudes like those. Why would ANYONE vote with those who think that ANYONE who doesn't agree with them is "batshit".

tinrobot (6,524 posts)

12. They're not smart/organized enough to cause trouble.

There may be a few incidents, but nothing huge.

We'll survive.
LOL. So if we 'cause trouble" they're conserned, but if we don't it's "because we're not smart enough or organized enough to do so.

Unlike the DEMOCRAT encouraged ANTIFA who wears masks and dresses alike as they beat conservatives with bats. break store windows and sets fires.
FSogol (37,763 posts)

13. Agreed. Not only are they stupid and dellusional, they are also lazy.

Minor incidents.
shockey80 (918 posts)

5. New York State will be after Trump the rest of his life.

Trump has made so many enemies.
dubyadiprecession (2,123 posts)

7. Trump, if by any chance your reading this...

Don't let them take you alive. You will be totally humiliated if you go to prison.
Glamrock (4,394 posts)

10. Bwaaaaaaaa!

That's some sound advice!

procon (10,623 posts)

8. The legal costs of defending himself against multiple charges will kill him.

Not just as in bankrupt him, but all these legal woes will stick in his craw because he's a man who disrespects judges and abused the court system to harass and deter his accusers from seeking legal redress against him. No doubt, Trump is livid with rage and trying to find some way tp get revenge against anyone who would dare confront him.
lpbk2713 (33,632 posts)
11. Trump is a traitor, pure and simple

His goal is the total ruination of our country.
Sorry JACK*SSES. Enacting a conservative agenda after being elected is NOT BEING A TRAITOR, and it does not ruin our country.

THEY way you have been acting since the election is nothing but disgraceful, bordering on traitorous as you are doing everything you can to overturn a legitimate election.

workinclasszero (23,869 posts)

16. Trump is a Russian agent

Everything he does strengthens Putin and Russia and weakens the USA and the western alliance..
NightWatcher (34,968 posts)

17. I think trump was manipulated into running by his russian handlers

A sane person would've realized that running for office and making it would turn a spotlight on decades of dirty dealings and crimes that they had long since gotten away with. I do know that its a huge leap to assume that he "thinks".
Talk about living in an alternative universe. There's NOTHING to the "decades of dirty dealing and crime" and there's nothing to "russian handlers".

This is just more DEMOCRAT IMPERIAL ENTITLEMENT COMPLEX that DEMANDS that anyone who crosses them will be destroyed.

shockey80 (918 posts)

23. Not if Trumps poll numbers go down.

We have seen this bullshit before with bush. Remember Palin? She was a goddess to the Trump voters. Where is she now?
I wonder who Shockey is? Obama? Clinton? Or just one of their b*tches?