My headline is a trick question because cleaning up trash and threatening a mass shooting are equal thanks to that liberal wasteland known as California. Last weekend a man cleaned up some trash left by a homeless man in Oakland, CA. In Florida, a man threatened to shoot people at Disney World. Both men were arrested and are being held on identical bonds, so we can conclude that cleaning up bum trash is to California what threatening a mass shooting is to Florida. It’s nice to see that California has their priorities straight, isn’t it?

I brought you this story over the weekend about a jogger who snapped and started dismantling a homeless encampment in Oakland. The incident was filmed by outraged locals as the jogger picked up armloads of bum trash and put it in a garbage can. That jogger was identified as Henry Sintay and he was arrested. Apparently he tried, but failed to take the phone away from the person filming him and cops decided that was a major offense
Further down:

A Florida man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly posted in Facebook group saying “5 likes and I’ll go shoot up Disney and hang myself,” police said.

Derek Eitel, 23, of Cocoa, admitted to deputies that he posted the threat into the group while he was at work, according to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials said the Facebook group has more than 800 members in it and they were all able to view Eitel’s alleged threat…Two of the members reported the threat to police
Both men are being held on $100,000 bond.