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    What are some things everyone should do at least once in a lifetime?

    Some of them for me are:

    1. Jump out of an airplane
    2. Fall in love
    3. Run until your legs are rubber
    4. See a foreign country
    5. Climb a mountain
    6. Hear a newborn's cry

    What's your list?

    Alaska RiverTrout Fly Fishing:

    Above Pools :Water Bends Best Bait: Little Drake Stonefly
    Fallen Brush Best Bait: Copper John Nymph
    Stone Shelves Best Bait: Rooster Trail
    Plunge Pools Best Bait: Ear Nymph

    Alaska Ocean Trout fishing:

    Ketchikan, known as the "Salmon Capitol of the World" is perched on the edge of Alaska fishing waters that harbor five unique type of Salmon, the legendary Chinook, or King, the Red or Sockeye, the Silver or Coho, the Pink or Humpback, and the Chum.

    Fishing at the Mouth of the Columbia River: in the perpetual fog banks and
    surging tides of the Pacific Northwest:

    salmon and steelhead fishing.The year's first salmon begin appearing in the lower river in good numbers in March. These are "spring salmon" running 15-30 pounds and are considered the hardest fighting

    Alaska Halibut "America's favorite fish"

    They can grow to more than 8 ft long and 700 lbs. Halibut weighing in at more than 100 pounds are often called "Whales", "Soakers", or even "Barn Doors", while smaller halibut, less than 20 pounds, are often called "Chickens".

    "And as a reward after all of that 'work' !"

    Masquite wood-Grilled Halibut with Delmonico's potatoes woodhole baked beans,slabs of sourdough bread and a bunch of Anchor Steam Beer.After all of that a deep camp chair beside the roaring river to put me to sleep !
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