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  1. #1 Trump Meets With "Bi-Partisan" Group Of Lawmakers To Discuss SCOTUS Vacancy 
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    By Bi-Partisan we mean 6 Democrats. Look at this group he met with:

    Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa; Susan Collins, R-Maine; Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska; Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D.; Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.; and Joe Donnelly, D-Ind.
    I know they are "swing" votes but c'mon. They're all cut from the same cloth.
    Progressivism is a bottomless pit of absurdity.
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    Trump should always consult with Ds, so he can learn who the worst choices are.
    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    Note to "Warpy" and "shockey80": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!
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    Let's wait for the secret videotape to come out with Trump using profanity: MSNBC will have fodder for a month.
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