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1. In fact, contrary to what Moore has bragged, he is not actually from Flint, either. He was born and raised in Davison, which is near Flint geographically, but the similarities end there. While Flint is a working- class town with a large minority population, Davison is an uber- wealthy, lily- white suburb whose residents are often the bosses of the working- class types who live in Flint. Moore just made up that he was from Flint so he could look more like an average joe standing up to those evil rich people.
2. Michael Moore on Bill Maher? Those two men are odious enough individually, I really don't want to know what they're like together.
I wouldn't call Davison an uber-wealthy burb. Lily white, yes, but it's not really wealthy, just standard middle class. I drive through it once in a while when I get a kid placed in a residential program in the thumb area. There's a bar there called "Whitey's", which I find hilarious, but not as hilarious as "The Big Dick Storage Company" in one of the little towns just north of there.