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    In the latest sign of the astronomical cost of living in parts of California, the federal government now classifies a family of four earning up to $117,400 as low-income in three counties around the Bay Area.

    That threshold, the highest of its kind in the nation, applies to San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin counties. It’s used to determine eligibility for federal and local housing assistance programs. (But it’s different from the federal poverty guidelines.)

    To generate the number, officials at the Department of Housing and Urban Development factor in the median income and average housing costs in an area.

    The federal government pegs the fair market rent for a two-bedroom in the San Francisco area at $3,121. The median home price has climbed above $1 million.

    The “low income” designation allows people to qualify for affordable housing and a variety of government programs, such as those for first-time homebuyers. But officials noted that a vast majority of San Francisco-area residents who get direct housing assistance, such as vouchers known as Section 8, are well below the maximum low-income standard: The average household that receives assistance makes just $18,000.
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    I'm easy to please, I'll take that low income figure and be very happy with it, so would my dog she concurs ...
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