I used to watch The News Hour on PBS every day.

Recently, every single day they do a segment on 'Race.' The segments are so tired and so one-sided and they are all the same.

Someone bemoaning the state of their life and blaming it all on whites. (I'd respect the segment more if actually tried to look in to things further --- what about Hispanics or an alternate view on how to improve the lives of EVERYONE. What about how much racism exists between blacks and Hispanics?).

As it is, its the same thing over and over. 'race' 'race' 'race' 'race' 'race'

How did they all decide that 'race' was the new code-word for 'white people suck.'

IF..........they want to fulfill their mission they are going to have to come up with a way to get everyone together. As it is, they automatically side with Democrats and a socialist message. Give free stuff away. Ignore crime. Ignore crime some more. Make excuses for crime. Make more excuses for crime. PRETEND that black neighborhoods are just marvelous places to live and everyone would like blacks more if they only lived next to them. Pretend that liberals don't live in all white safe neighborhoods in cities which allows them to turn their blind eye to REALITY.


Reality and code-word 'race' are completely different things.

I wish we actually could confront the real issues and then we could actually improve the lives of everyone.

I don't watch it anymore to say the least.