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  1. #1 Liberals Ruin Hollidays: 4th Of July Is For White Nationalists 
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    itís a holiday you canít bet liberals will try to ruin it. To them Christmas is about rape, Thanksgiving is for screaming at family members about liberal issues, and Independence Day is a time to bad-mouth our country. Thatís exactly what one lefty writer is doing by saying that the 4th of July is a holiday for white nationalists, which is another word for racist neo-Nazis. The truth of the matter is that liberals are very unhappy with themselves and it causes them great pain to see anyone else being happy and celebrating.

    Lauren Duca is a nasty feminist who wants to bite off Christian menís penises and hopes that Bill Graham is burning in hell. Oh, did I mention she writes for Teen Vogue? Last year for the 4th of July she explained that her abortion-loving anti-American progressive lunacy was a real example of patriotism:

    Thereís actually quite a lot of crazy in that short sentence. The first obvious thing is that she thinks any Americans celebrating Independence Day are neo-Nazis, which is both insulting and absurd. America kicked the Nazisí asses in WWII and thatís one of the many things we celebrate on July 4th.

    For the record, fascism and Nazism are leftist ideologies. Even the biggest neo-Nazi group in the US calls themselves the National Socialist Movement. Socialism is also a leftist ideology. Can the left please stop trying to blame this crap on the right and just own it themselves? Also, while we are here, democrats need to own slavery and Jim Crow instead of blaming Republicans
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    Yup, that's so right. We're all Nazis for being proud of the country they are currently in.
    The truth hurts.
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    They've so overused the term "White nationalist/ white supremacist" and even the word "Nazi" and defined them so loosely that those words have no real meaning/ gravity anymore, similar to what they've done with terms like "Obesity," "Bullying," and "Racist."
    While once the term "White supremacist/ nationalist" was used to refer to genuine hate groups such as the skinhead organizations, now leftists just use it to refer to anyone who disagrees with them on any issue.

    As Brian Anderson notes in the linked article, this is especially insulting when you consider that in many Independence Day parades and celebrations, there's a distinct possibility that you'll run into WWII veterans who fought ACTUAL Nazis in the war to protect the freedoms that liberal vermin like Lauren Duca take for granted and abuse.
    Earlier today, I was at a city 4th of July parade, and there were people of all races there happily celebrating the birth of our great nation, both watching the parade and participating in it. Later tonight, I'll be going to a fireworks show, and I'll bet even money that there'll be people of all races there, too. Suck on that, Duca.
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